Update From Kathmandu

Welcome to the end of the season from Kathmandu! Everything has been wrapped up here. With all members back home or on their way. The weather has changed here to very Monsoony! Warm with afternoon thunderstorms. Its actually very nice, not as crowded, with lots of good friends here. A very good season, 100% success and most important, a very safe expedition. Again this year, it was amazing to see the wide range of how expeditions are led to Mt Everest. I can say I would not want to be part of the vast majority of expeditions that are being launched to Everest now. Endless stories around other expeditions and lots of luck have seen mixed success and safety.

So we have had our farewell dinner with the whole staff , 26 very dedicated sherpas that continue to put in place the vast amount of supplies, equipment and Oxygen a safe and successful expedition demands. After working with our team of sherpas, again this year, I am simply wondering how some groups can manage with a very short staff. We have an average of 2 sherpas per member and that seems very minimal without stretching staff resources and safety. Anyways, always happy to discuss everything for those with questions! Will be posting more photos and video over the next week!

Namaste from Kathmandu! Scott Woolums

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