Update from Aconcagua

We haven’t heard anything from the team beyond the two calls made to our Trip Dispatch page.  I understand that the disconnect of information is concerning, and that leaves us all to fill in the blanks as to how things went for the four other climbers and our other guide.  One thing I have learned over 20+ years of guiding is that if something went sideways, we would have heard.  There are lots of other teams at High Camp, including teams led by friends of ours, so we would have been informed, if there was anything approximating a “situation” had happened.

I am absolutely certain that all the climbers are nestled in their sleeping bags for the night.  I suspect the team split into two groups for the summit push, but I don’t know how the day progressed for the other group of climbers.  As soon as we hear from them, we’ll let you know!

-Todd Rutledge
Guide/Director, Mountain Trip

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  1. We are all thinking about all of our climbers and sending our love and support. Anxiously awaiting their progress report.

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