Up Thru the Ice fall Today!

We left early this morning for our first rotation up. 3.30am start through the
jumbled Khumbu Icefall. Its in good shape this year, a fast route, but very
exposed near the top. Great weather and good conditions. Always difficult
moving up for the first time to the next higher camp till we are
acclimatized. Planning to spend 2 nights here Camp 1 at 20,500 ft., then
move up to Camp 2 at 21, 500 ft. for a few more nights. Extremely hot all
morning followed by snow late afternoon. Huge crashing rockfall off Nuptse
today woke everyone from naps. Camp 1 is surrounded by some impressively
large granite walls. Forecast is looking like snow in the afternoons with
clear mornings. Winds are on the way back starting the 23rd. We should be
tucked into Camp 2 then, a fairly secure place. Sending good wishes to all
back home!

Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Camp 1, 20,500 ft..


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