UAE Team 2 – Camped at Base Camp

The second group of climbers from the United Arab Emirates awoke to a whiteout this morning.  Weather did not improve during the day, and snow fell which obscured the old track up the glacier to Camp 1 at 7,800 feet.  The team had no choice but to remain in camp and wait for even a slight improvement in visibility, which will allow them to move up glacier.

The glacier is very broad and very nondescript.  There is sort of a line of least resistance that is easy to follow on a clear day, but not easy to see if you have limited visibility.  Crevasse fields and ice falls run on either side of the track, and hanging blocks of ice threaten the sides of the glacier, making it imprudent to attempt to move unless you can see where you are going.  The team exercised a good showing of patience by spending the day at camp.

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