UAE #1: weather delay at camp 2

Adam Smith sent a brief update from camp 2: no movement up due to weather.  The current weather has caused delays for all Mountain Trip teams on the mountain, requiring everyone to stay in place; at least, no one has moved up.  As a friend of mine once told me- you don’t fight your way into a bar, you fight your way out.  Which means: it is better mountaineering strategy to move when the conditions let you and not before.

To clarify things regarding the two climbers who descended on Monday, they are doing well, but have some fairly badly blistered and perhaps bruised feet.  Adel and Majid descended to Base Camp with another Mountain Trip team, and flew out to Talkeetna in their company.  They sustained injuries to their feet on the first day hiking up the glacier and did their best to continue with their climb, but without a good, solid platform of two healthy feet, it was not in the cards for them this season.

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