Trip wrap up

The team made the descent from high camp to base camp in a super strong one day push. By innovating a new system for skiing roped with the sitskiers in the front of the team, we made great progress and passed through advanced base camp just as a snowstorm moved in. Setting up base camp in blowing snow and cold, wet weather was a challenge, but everyone worked together to set up camp. A great dinner of fettucine warmed us all up.

The team was able to fly out from the Eldridge Glacier on Thursday after the TAT pilots made a few passes to pack down the runway. Skies above base camp were bluebird, but with clouds sitting around the range, we were very excited and appreciative to see planes coming to pick us up!

The flight back to Talkeetna was beautiful with amazing views of the Alaska Range and Denali. The smells of lush land and life were overwhelming when stepping off the plane.

After spending a relaxing day and night in Talkeetna taking luxurious showers and eating enough for an army at the Roadhouse, the team has made it back to Anchorage and started making their way home.

The buzz of Otters and Beavers (Alaskan bush planes) taking off from the runway is gone, but the memories of the intense experience on the Eldridge Glacier and in the Alaska Range are still alive. Hope you enjoy some of the attached pictures (from Gabi).

The incredible effort put forth by each member of the team is unforgettable. Whether carrying large loads, digging huge quantities of snow to build camps, scaling steep faces, and caring for teammates, everyone put out their best and brought the team to a new level.

Good luck on all upcoming adventures and thanks for following along!





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