Traverse Team back to civilization

The Traverse Team is back in civilization tonight after waiting once again for the weather to break so they could fly back to Talkeetna.   They didn’t get to summit the mountain, but they sure gave it a good shot, spending 8 days at high camp in some pretty tough conditions.   The weather didn’t cooperate on the descent as they walked down from the cold snow and wind on the upper mountain to the warm wet snow and even a bit of rain on the lower glacier.   They spent the last night of the trip in even more bad weather at base camp before they could fly back to Talkeetna today.   That’s part of climbing big mountains, it sounds like they had a great adventure regardless and most importantly everyone is down safely.

Chris is going to continue his adventure on his bike in the next day or so beginning the long ride back home!

Congratulations to all on a great effort.

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