Traverse group saying goodbye

I write this goodbye as I prepare to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary with my family.  I would like to shout out a big congratulations to them for passing this milestone.  I would, also, like to shout out a big congratulations to the members of the Traverse team.  It is a Very Big accomplishment to traverse Denali Gunnar, Aaron, Dave, and Steve; particularly when conditions are not ideal, as is the case with our experience.  I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to climb with you all.

I hope you can savor your experience on our climb as you would a sweet caramel, Elvis, a sip of scotch, or your girlfriend (or wife).  Remember your experience and try to assimilate what Denali has taught you.

Greg. Thank you for your dedication and hard work.  These trips don’t happen unless there is a cohesive, strong bond at the top.  Our trip would not have succeeded without your help.

Thanks for following our trip everyone!  I will say that we had the realization, in the form of discussion, that we would not have been able to experience our trip without the support of our family and friends and colleagues at work.  Thank you all.



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