Training Day, Everest Base Camp

Another good day this morning here in the Mountain Trip Base Camp! The mornings have been sunny with cloudy and colder afternoons. Our forcasts have been very accurate predicting a short cloudy period with improving weather on the way! Awesome day over in the ice towers of the Khumbu Glacier practicing the skills we’ll need up in the icefall itself. We are looking at moving up on our first rotation on the 20th for 5 nights. I think everyone is both excited and anxious as this will be our first trip up to Camp 1 and 2. We plan fewer rotations through the Khumbu icefall than most groups, but staying a few nights longer for acclimatization. The route sounds good up to C2. Yesterday the Sherpas setup our Camp 2 and will take another load up tomorrow morning. All the best from the Mountain Trip Everest Expedition!


Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp

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