The December 4th Vinson Team is in the air!

The winds abated and the team is in the air, flying to Antarctica!!


The Malik twins and Chris, about to board for the flight to Antarctica!

We should hear from them after they arrive, but it can be very hectic, so we’ll just sit tight and wait patiently.  The goal upon arrival, is to unload the Ilushyn aircraft that they flew to the Ice and then load up the Twin Otters that they will fly to Base Camp.  With some good weather and efficient loading and unloading, the team could sleep on the Branscomb Glacier this evening!

On the airstrip at Union Glacier

On the airstrip at Union Glacier


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  1. Airborne, glacier bound, and everybody smiling – that’s what we like! Bet it was amazing to land on Union Glacier and step out into breathtaking (literally) Antarctic temperatures and bottom of the world scenery.

  2. Pliz pass this message onto twins for action: Images of the Twins at the summit with the 1) Indian flag + 2) Mahindra banner + 3)Indian flag with the Mahindra banner below
    Images of the Twins writing Mahindra on the snow at the summit
    Video: Twins speaking about their experience during the climb with topics being the dangers faced. The motivation behind the climb, and what were their thoughts when they reached the summit and finally thanking Mahindra for the support

    • Mr. Malik – as Jacob mentions in the Dec 4 dispatch, comments are not shared with the team during the climb. Please keep in mind that Mountain Trip graciously provides this forum for personal community and support. It’s great that the twins enjoy the privilege of corporate support. But it comes across as disrespectful to use this forum to direct Mountain Trip and Jacob to relay instructions on how the girls should be promoting their sponsors. I’m grateful that, among their MANY responsibilities, Jacob and Mountain Trip make our climbers’ safety and welfare their first priority.

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