Technical Difficulties!

Howdy All,

We are experiencing some difficulties with the audio posts called in from the field. Our IT Guy is working hard to resolve it and we hope to have them up and running again shortly.

The May 7th team carried loads up the steepest part of the route yesterday. Known as the “Headwall” or the “Fixed Lines,” this is often one of the more challenging stretches of the route. The current conditions on the Headwall are making it especially tough, as the steep face is hard, blue ice. The team made it up and was able to place a cache on the ridge above it near 16,400′. They’ll move up to high camp in the next day or two and make a summit bid this weekend.

Our May 10th team crushed it up to 14,200′ yesterday! They made really good time climbing up from 11,000′ and arrived early in the day. The afternoon was spent establishing camp, which requires building walls around their tents from blocks of snow cut from the surface of the glacier.

We’ll keep you all posted and will hopefully have our audio posts back up and running shortly!

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