Team Snyder Moves To Camp 1

Mountain Trip Guide Logan Demarcus called in from 7,800′ on the vast Kahiltna Glacier.  He, Alan Snyder and Lead Guide Nick Nason made the five mile trek from Base Camp in the early hours of pre-dawn, and enjoyed great conditions, with a firm trail up the glacier.  As the day warmed with the sun of summer solstice, they rested in their tents through the heat of the day.

Tomorrow, they plan to again awaken early and carry supplies up the glacier.  They will dig a pit in the snow and bury their supplies well under the surface to help prevent ravens from digging into their food.  Ravens have been known to dig a full meter under the surface to peck at the cookies of climbers!

Here’s Logan –


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  1. Sounds like a good start! The heavy work of caching supplies on the front end is necessary when you are your own porters. It ain’t a walk in the park for sure. Good luck on this next phase of the trip.

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