Team Meeting and Gear Check

The team met one another today in Anchorage.  I’ve not gotten a report as to how everything went, which means that everyone’s kit looked good, with no significant omissions.  Denali requires a certain amount of specific clothing and equipment that you don;t need for most other mountains.  Sometimes you don’t need it all on Denali, but the times you do… you really need it!

Dave Dacquino sent the following photos this afternoon, the first one is of the team, and the second is of their fearless leader and veteran Denali guide, Dave Staeheli.  Dave is the most experienced Denali guide working on the mountain these days, having worked his first guided trip in 1982.  He is somewhat of an Alaskan legend and we are very fortunate to have him as one of our senior guides and mentors.

Our April 24th team

The team, ready to head north to Talkeetna tomorrow!

Dave Staeheli, lead guide for our April 24th team.

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