Hello and thank you for following our Aconcagua expedition!
J.Y. and I had a great time on this trip. We experienced a variety of weather during the expedition: wonderful weather down low and some very high winds and snow at Camps 2 and 3. We battled 60 mph winds and snow on the 8th and 9th, but we were rewarded with incredible views of the snow covered peaks to the north. The Andes are truly a incredible mountain range with many 6,000. meter peaks less than 100-150miles from the Pacific.

After waiting for a day at Camp 3, hoping for a window of good weather on the 9th or 10th, we decided to descend to Plaza de Mules because the weather did not appear to be improving. J.Y. climbed well and it was a pleasure to climb with him! If the weather had cooperated, I’m sure we would have stood on the summit.

We enjoyed a wonderful steak dinner at Plaza de Mulas last night, and after a little bit of wine, we decided to take a helicopter out of base camp so we can enjoy Mendoza before J.Y. flies home.

Once again, thank you for following our expedition and I hope to see you in the mountains.
Jacob Schmitz

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