Team Ema Moves To 11,200′

Lead Guide Jason Denley reached out today from a beautiful basin camp that will be Team Ema’s new digs for a few days.  They departed their previous camp early in the morning to take advantage of colder nighttime temperatures, which make for easier travel than you’d encounter in the heat of the day.

Arriving into camp, the sun came around a snowy ridge to the south and provided them warmth as they established tent platforms.  This camp is located in a basin that drains to the west.  The southern walls of the basin are lined with seracs or ice cliffs, some more than a hundred feet tall.  To the east, a moderately steep snow slope rises in the form of Motorcycle Hill, a feature that they’ll get to climb in the coming days.  To the north, dark black rocky crags slice through steep snow slopes, while the whole basin opens to the west, affording views of heavily glaciated ridgelines and shimmering threads of rivers rolling away across the tundra.

The team is doing great!  by all accounts, they’ve been having a good ol’ time and Ema is crushing it!

Here’s Jason –


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