Team Ema Carries Loads Around Windy Corner

Team Ema is on the move!  Today, they carried loads of supplies up and around a notorious feature on the West Buttress route – Windy Corner.  But, as Mountain Trip Guide Kaylee Walden shared in today’s update – not today.  It was beautiful and windless.

The team climbed up a moderately steep slope right out of camp known as Motorcycle Hill (no… there never was a moto up there…).  They then ascended a series of hills collectively known as Squirrel Hill (nope – no squirrels either!), before climbing a long, rising slope to reach Windy Corner.  Passing the corner, they negotiated some crevasses before deciding on a spot to bury their cache.

Relieved of their loads, the team then dropped back to 11,200′ for the night, having both ferried supplies and eased their bodies into the thinner air of Denali’s upper mountain.

Here’s Kaylee –


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