Everest Team Down to Camp 2, Ania at BC

The team woke up at the S. Col this morning, packed up their gear and headed down the Lhotse face for the last time of the expedition.  Our Sherpa team loaded up their packs with every last empty oxygen bottle and bag of trash and hauled it all down to Camp 2 in one push,  our climbers are loading up their packs for the descent to help out as well.   They are all sleeping down in the relatively thick warm air at Camp 2 tonight.   Tomorrow they’ll get up pre-dawn again and head down through the ice fall for the last time.

Ania is down at base camp and getting ready to head on down valley tomorrow.

The Sherpa team will make one more lap up to Camp 2 to clear out the last of the equipment at C2 the following day and then we can relax with our expedition cleared of the mountain for the season.


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