SUMMIT!!! The May 31 Team reaches the top!

Congratulations to Eugene Harrington, Terry Kelleher, Albert Connaughton, and Jonathan Cain for reaching the summit of Denali on June 18th. The team’s patience and good decision making paid off, and they enjoyed a spectacular summit day. The team is back at High Camp, safe and sound, and elated with their achievement.

If you have been following this team, you’ll notice that they had a really tough go of things, battling meters of snow falling on their camp at 11,200′, and having to push up through that deep snow to reach their next camp. These guys have worked hard and it’s really nice that their efforts were rewarded with such a perfect day to stand on the summit. We’ll post summit photos from the team after they return to Anchorage.

We invite you to listen to very heartfelt dispatches from the team members:



denali summit

A Mountain Trip climber approaches the very summit of Denali, with the dramatic summit ridge in the background.

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