SUMMIT!!!! The June 12 Pancoe Group Makes The Top!

An elated June 17 Pancoe team is on the SUMMIT!!!!!

The team awoke early, checked the weather, and quickly packed up to make a summit bid.  Benefiting from good weather, and aided by the strength, fitness and resolve of the team, they made great time climbing to the summit of North America.  At 20,3010′ (6190m), Denali towers above countless other giant mountains in the Alaska Range and today, the team was able to see them all, from high above.

Here is the team, shouting out to friends and loved ones, high above North America.


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  1. Wahoo! Congratulations everyone! Fantastic effort, we are all really excited for you all back here in Whangarei NZ. Chris we will celebrate with Champagne tonight. Love Karyn and all the family.

  2. You guys are AWESOME!! So great to listen to everyone from way up there. So happy for you Neil, we’ll have the grill ready for you when you get back home!
    Love ya,
    All of us Reisingers back in Wisconsin

  3. Thank you, Brian Muller, for all the lovely updates. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE! I’m so happy for you guys. Prayers going out for a safe descent. Justin, I love and miss you so much, can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!
    – Chasity

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