The team woke up early this morning and began their ascent of the Western Breach to the summit crater of Kilimanjaro. The route above high camp through the steeper terrain of the breach takes them up to the rim of the crater at about 18,700 ft. From there, they walked across the crater, past some of the remnant chunks of glacier, and then one last push up to the summit at 19,341 ft. The whole team made it to the top in good time today and are now well on their way down to camp on the other side of the mountain where they’ll enjoy a celebratory dinner and their last night on Kilimanjaro.

Congratulations Team! We’ll post some pictures when we get them.

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  1. Congratulations to all of you. Seems like you were all in too shape. You should all be very proud!!! Cheers to all!!!

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