Some Good News from Everest Base Camp

It’s been a super challenging time for the entire country of Nepal, and our team who has been there and witnessed the destruction and suffering of the people have had a life experience they will never forget.   There has been a stream of bad news coming from Nepal, but there was a small bright spot in Everest Base Camp yesterday.  Jacob and his girlfriend of several years, Ann got engaged at EBC yesterday!!   They’ve been working together closely during the days since the earthquake and avalanche, and we are super excited to hear the news, and Jacob gave us permission to spread the word.

All Expeditions from the S. Side are officially off now for the season, and the climbers who remain at Everest Base Camp are working on packing up and cleaning up now.  Jacob and our Sherpa team plan to remain at base camp for a few more days to clean up our gear, and the gear that was spread around during the avalanche.  The villages in the Khumbu region below base camp are struggling right now, and many in base camp have decided to remain where they are for a few more days so as not to stress the already thin resources.   Helicopters, which sometimes are used to travel down valley and/or to Kathmandu, need to focus on the needs of the earthquake victims right now.  When they do leave, sometime in the next week, they’ll travel with whatever food they have and bring tents with them so they won’t impact or use resources needed by the local people.  All of our Sherpa crew has had a chance to talk with their families, and everyone is OK, but they are obviously anxious to get home very soon to begin to rebuild their lives.

Scott Holder is on his way home now after several very emotionally draining days in Kathmandu doing what he could to help with the enormous needs of the local people.

The Germers arrived back home in Alaska today, after an emotionally draining and surreal drive across the country from Pokhara to Kathmandu where they were witness to the suffering and devastation across Nepal.

We hope to have some first hand reports from David, Alisha, and Scott after they have a chance to settle in and adjust to home for a few days.

Earlier today we posted some links to some organizations that are in a position to help the people of Nepal.  Please look at that post and give generously, the needs of the people there are huge right now.

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  1. thank you and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials, Jacob …thank you for the updates. Our rotary club collected funds and they are on there way to Nepal. You have done a great job of keeping us updated on Scott and your team and all will remain in our highest thoughts and prayers as the rebuilding begins.

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