Snyder Denali Team Caches at 10,000′

Lead Guide Nick Nason called in from Camp 1 on the Kahiltna Glacier after he, Alan Snyder and Logan Demarcus had a great day carrying loads to an elevation of about 10,000′.  It was a sunny, clear day and they made the most of the good weather to ferry supplies close to their next camp.

As they started out this morning, a moderately steep rise in the glacier greeted them.  Ski Hill rises about a thousand feet and then another 800 more over a series of slopes before the glacier resumes a more modest incline. Just before the very start of the glacier at Kahiltna Pass, the team dug a hole in the snow and buried their supplies.  After marking it well with bamboo wands and noting it’s location on GPS, they dropped back to 7800′ for the evening.  Climbing high and sleeping low helps them ferry their supplies, as well as ease their bodies into the thinner air of higher elevations.

Here’s Nick –


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