Slide Show of the Area around Camp 1


Here are some images of the terrain that the team is hiking through.  There are two shots of tents in the Camp 1 area, one looking roughly down glacier with Mount Hunter slightly visible through the clouds, and another looking up glacier past a couple camps with Ski Hill in the background.  Another, with a pyramidal looking peak is looking up toward their next camp, which is obscured by the icefall and sub-peak.  Remember the Glaciology 101 lesson in the previous post?  An icefall is sort of like a rapid or waterfall in the river of ice…

The image with the rope team is shot looking up toward the site of their next camp, which will be at about 11,200′ (3413m).

Lastly, there is one to help give a sense of some of the more sublime and subtle reasons we seek out such wild places.  The quality of light interacting between snow, ice and clouds can be truly magical.

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