Scott Woolums from Kathmandu

On the ground here in Kathmandu going through checklists, sorting permits and taking care of the multitude of tasks in preparation for our upcoming Mt Everest Expedition.  We have a great team this season and will all arrive in here in Kathmandu on April 1st and 2nd respectively.  We’ll make final preparations and plan on flying into the small village of Lukla on April 5th, weather permitting of course.  Our base camp has already been established and most of the 4 tons of equipment should be in the final village by now or is currently en route to base camp on all manners of transport.  I would estimate around 400-500 Yak loads!  We are looking forward to another successful and safe expedition this year and can’t wait to begin the casual trek through the Khumbu region to Everest Base Camp. Have very good communications as always so watch and follow the team as we climb the classic Hillary Route over the next couple months!

Scott Woolums Reporting from Kathmandu, Nepal!

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