Safari Dispatch – Kilimanjaro 2021

Hello everyone,

This morning we awoke at the Arusha Coffee Lodge to yet another beautiful day in Tanzania. Perfect temperatures and sunshine have blessed us throughout our trip. Dawni made close friends with the local blue ball velvet monkey crew, greeting her each morning on the porch of her cabin.
Today, we packed up and went for a two hour drive to the Tarangiri Safari Lodge. We checked in at the park entrance and drove for around another 30 minutes to the Safari lodge. In that short timeframe, we saw countless African wildlife. Our drivers, Ebenezer and Bongo, were extremely knowledgeable of the local wildlife, which made our experience truly amazing.
Upon walking in the the lodge we were drawn to the incredible views of the river basin where we could see herds of zebra and Elephant along with many other animals. After lunch we departed on our safari. The density of animals in the area is difficult to describe and breathtaking so I will let the pictures do the talking. I will be posting a daily report of our adventures on the safari for all friends and family to follow along on this unforgettable experience!
Mountain Trip Lead Guide Jason Denley
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