Rest Day for May 22 Team at High Camp

The May 22nd Team enjoyed a rest day at High Camp. Team members rested, relaxed, and hydrated after the move up to 17,200′. It sounds like it was a bit windy and the team spent some time fortifying camp by building snow walls around their tents. The plan is to attempt to summit tomorrow. Fingers crossed for good weather!

Denali Guides High Camp

A fortified Mountain Trip campsite at High Camp


Anna refers to this spot in her audio post. It’s spectacular!


Here’s Anna:


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  1. Great to hear your voice Anna! We’re all pulling / praying / pushing for that summit weather window to open up for you — I’m still so amazed that you are just hanging out reading books at the highest point in N. America — who does that?!? Love you all

  2. Oh how exciting it was to hear your voice from way up in the frozen North. We can hardly concentrate on anything else but all of you up at the “edge of the world”. Who do you think you are, Wonder Woman?? Love you to that big ole full moon we see tonight. Grandma and Papa

  3. Great picture of Anna! And the ice walls. Pulling for you tomorrow as you summit. So proud on you Wheelers! Stay strong!
    Brian Christie

  4. Anna……so impressed that you are able to “hang” with the men. You are one tough cookie! Phenomenal pic of you and the camp. Will be thinking “calm conditions” today for your trek to the summit………..all the best from Christine and the Bennett Clan. Mark & Yoda

  5. Go Wheelers! We are praying for a smooth and successful summit tomorrow. We pray for energy and perseverance as you head up there!!

  6. Amazing pics!
    Glad you all had a day of rest and hoping for the best tomorrow for your summit attempt!!!

  7. Anna, I liked your message last night. I so hope and pray you can travel tomorrow and get down from that place! Grandpa said he would go if he could take the camper.👴Grandma and Grandpa Burma

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