Rest Day and the Summit Push!

The Mountain Trip Everest Team is in Camp 2 now and will be off to Camp 3 tomorrow morning.  This is our summit go starting early tomorrow and everyone is excited! Came up to Camp 2 yesterday and have taken a rest/acclimatization day today. Tim, Joerg, Albert, Jacob and Scott will head for Everest and Ania will leave us above Camp 3 for Lhotse.  Everything is ready.  Yesterday we had two Sherpas up at the south col to check on our oxygen and all.  It appears 5 of our bottles have come up missing after the last few days events, there were some teams caught short and stuck at the S. Col apparently.   Fortunately we have plenty of O2, hopefully our extra saved some people, but we’ll probably never hear from them.   Starting at 5am tomorrow, we will start up for Camp 3 hoping to get a full day rest there.  The next morning early, the 24th we start up to the South Col and Camp 4.   Again we’re hoping to get in early to allow as much rest as possible before leaving for the summit that night.   We may not have access to post to the blog, but can always post a voice blog and plan to each day we are up high. Off to the summit, yahoo!

Scott Woolums reporting from  Camp 2, Mt Everest!

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