Relaxing at Camp 2

Yesterday the team all moved up to Camp 2 here. A tough hike up in high winds yesterday. Winds were gusting to 25-30 knots, but today things have calmed down considerably. Were doing well, just moving around slowly as we readjust to the altitude. Its becoming a bit of an unusual season.  Almost the entire Lhotse Face is hard ice.  This is causing an increase in rock fall down where the fixed lines are.  This is putting a hold on fixing above Camp 3 and several teams are on hold until conditions improve, meaning we have some snowfall.  I have just returned from a meeting with most expedition leaders and everyone is committed to keeping things as safe as possible.  Meaning work on changing the lower icefall route to a safer place before fixing lines above to C4.  One team is leaving tomorrow to check out an alternate route.  This will delay things for at least a few days.  We are planning a walk over to the base of Lhotse Face tomorrow to determine if we should also change our plans. We’ve still got lots of time this season and we are far from in a hurry to summit.

Beautiful sunset tonight from Camp 2.

Scott Woolums reporting from 21,500 ft., Camp 2.

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