Quick update from Mount Everest Team — Back to EBC after a successful rotation

Quick update from the Mountain Trip Everest Base Camp: The team is all down safe back at Everest Base Camp after a good second rotation. We’re anticipating some great weather next few days, and were hoping lots of teams can take advantage of that for summits. There are still a high number of teams on the mountain, so with the first round of teams reaching the summit, it should decrease traffic on the route.
Jacob and the team are planning for an extended break before their summit bid. Weather forecast models are showing an extended period of very high winds from May 13 through May 19, which will effect many teams’ plans for reaching the summit during that period. For now the team is enjoying easy living at base camp, watching the weather, and recovering from an extended stay at high altitude.
— Scott Woolums, Mountain Trip Everest Base Camp Manager
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  1. Enjoy the break all and all the best after 5/19 and hope everyone will be able to summit afterwards! Parying for the sfaety and strength for all on the team! Go Elsie!!

  2. Wow the high altitude is doing strange things to your size and shapes based on the picture shown. 🙂

    Thanks for the update Scott. Enjoy the break and we are cheering that you all get to the top of the world.

    Steve L.
    Hood River

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