Puja Ceremony Today!

Hello from Everest Base Camp! This morning we shared the important (and fun!) Puja ceremony with all our staff and sherpa team. It was quite the celebration, and all in perfect weather! Both a blessing and bonding of the Sherpa and members. This years’ ceremony proved to be one of the best. Now the climbing can and will begin. Our sherpas leave tomorrow morning to help support Camp 1 and 2. The forecasts look good, so all members are hoping to go up on the 19th for a 5 day rotation up to Camp 1 and then Camp 2. Everyone is both excited and ready to go. Base Camp is very comfortable and a difficult place to leave, but its time to start the next phase of the expedition!  A couple more days here to acclimatize and do some fun training in the lower Khumbu Icefall. Lots of teams and friends coming and going. Always an interesting experience. Stay tuned for more reports from the 2012 Mountain Trip Expedition!


Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp!

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