Puja Ceremony and Base Camp Life

Enjoyed a very special Puja, or blessing ceremony that’s important to the Sherpa people here.  Very spiritually powerful and colorful. After this the Sherpas can start into the icefall and our expedition officially begins! We all have been enjoying some time off, taking showers, enjoy Serkis’ amazing cooking, watching movies on the new Mountain Trip Big Screen LCD TV! Its been a fantastic trek in, with lots of side trips, but Base Camp feels closer to our goal now, Mt Everest! We are planning a few more days here at 17,700ft. to let everyone get super acclimatized before going into the icefall and up to Camp 1. Its still very early season now, lots of time before the start of the safest and most consistent windows for summiting in late May.

Scott Woolums reporting from Everest Base Camp

Puja 1

Puja Ceremony

Climbing Team 2

The Climbing Team

Puja 2

Blessing the climbing gear

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