Priya and Greg are at 14,200′, Headed Down to Base Camp

Joe Butler called in a couple of hours ago to inform us that the May 30 Priya and Greg team are at 14,200′, waiting for cooler, nighttime temperatures to set in, before continuing their descent down the West Buttress route.  Priya and our guide Blaine Horner waited at 14,200′, while the remainder of the team moved up and made their summit bid.  The guides had offered Priya the option of waiting or descending, and in a great show of teamwork, she chose to wait for the rest of the team.

They should arrive at Base Camp at some point tomorrow or possibly even the next day, depending on how the glacier sets up over night on the lower portion of the route.  It has been extremely warm recently, and the guides prefer to travel when it is cooler.  We’ll let you know when they arrive down at Base Camp!

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