Playing on the ice

Base Camp, April 16
-Bill Allen

We woke to the usual beautiful blue skies this morning here at base camp. After another delicious breakfast, we went into the ice a few hundred feet from camp to practice some ice climbing and rappelling in anticipation of heading up through the icefall in just a couple of days. It was a good time and a lot of fun to get the climbing gear out and start thinking about climbing a big mountain. We played with ropes and ladders until around 1 in the afternoon, and then it was back to camp for another meal… So far nobody is complaining about losing weight up here.

*** Gregg Mellon waiting his turn***

This afternoon, Scott and Laurie treated us to appetizer Sushi! It was a hit.

**** Laurie and Scott rolling Sushi w/ Serke (our cook) and Bill watching and impressed ****

The first team of trekkers who had joined us for the hike in to EBC made it down to Namche tonight on their way back home and Laurie and Dianne will be leaving us tomorrow. We’ll have our Puja ceremony tomorrow morning, and the Sherpa team will start carrying loads up tomorrow night. Things are getting rolling now, and we are all excited to get on the mountain, although base camp is starting to feel a bit like home and it might be hard to leave.

We’ve all been having fun taking pictures, and we have some great photographers. Here’s a shot of our new Sling Fin dome tent glowing at night that Gregg took this evening.

That’s all from Everest Base Camp tonight.  We are all looking forward to our Puja tomorrow.

Bill Allen

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