Photos from above 14-Camp

Four of our Mountain Trip teams are currently camped at 14,200′ on Denali. Both the West Rib Expedition and the May 11 West Buttress team have spent 14 days now at 14-Camp, tied for the longest time at one camp that any of us can recall in recent Mountain Trip history.

This season has shown some of the coldest weather that we have seen in the past couple of decades on the mountain. While weather is significantly better today than in days past, high winds are still preventing teams from readily making the decision to move higher to more technical and committing sections of the route.

Most of our teams are on “stand by” today, with most of their gear packed, ready to head out and start climbing up to High Camp on a moment’s notice.

Winds above 14-Camp on the West Rib Route, Denali, May 30, 2017.

Winds above 14-Camp on the West Buttress Route, Denali, May 30, 2017.


For scale reference, the plumes of snow blowing off the mountain, though they may not look like much in the photos, are about a quarter mile in length.The high temperature at 14-Camp today (May 30) is only expected to reach 10 degrees Fahrenheit, with wind chill making it feel significantly colder. At High Camp, it is only expected to be as warm as -8 degrees Fahrenheit (before windchill). High winds combined with such low temperatures make it dangerous to move up higher onto the mountain, where it is colder, less protected and winds are much worse.

For the rest of the week, a high pressure system is expected to take precedence between tomorrow and Friday.

To track the weather outlook on Denali, click here.

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  1. Hi Shaun, We are praying for you and the groups who are ‘stalled’ due to the extreme weather conditions. I pray that prudence will prevail and know that you can always try it again at a later date. Less is better. In fact, sometimes less is enough. God’s will and HIS blessing for you all. I will be so happy when you come back home. I love you so much. You have been a special gift from God to our family. Be safe…………Love, Mom Psalm 100.

  2. Hello Eric and team,
    It sure is interesting to get daily reports on your progress, activities, and conditions on the mountain. Knowing that some independent climbers were attempting the next base camp in spite of avalanche conditions made me thankful that you have experienced guides making the “smart decisions” to keep you all safe. Spoke to Mom yesterday. She is anxious to have you back in Rhode Island. I look forward to joining you there in a couple of weeks.
    With Love and Prayers,

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