Packed and Ready to Go!

I just spoke with lead guide Dave Staeheliearlier this afternoon, who reported that the guides had all the food and equipment packed for our April 24th team.  Tomorrow, they will meet the climbers at the iconic Earth Bed and Breakfast, near downtown Anchorage.

Tomorrow is a pretty full day that will begin with a team meeting, followed by a comprehensive equipment check for each of the climbers.  The guides will help each climber select their personal “lunch on the run” items from a whopping assortment that we provide.  This enables each climber to select items that suit his or her personal preferences.

Inevitably, the team will want or need to pick up some last minute items, so we will shuttle everyone around in our company vans to the local gear store, Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking.  This will bring us to lunchtime, so the team will head somewhere for a group meal, most likely to the guide favorite, Bear Tooth, where the Blackened Halibut Tacos are my personal favorite.  After lunch, the guides will probably say good bye to the climbers until the following morning, when we will pick everyone and their gear up for the ride to Talkeetna, from where everyone will fly to the glacier.

We just received some sad news.  Aidan Connolly, one of the Irishmen I offended by accusing of living in the UK, will not be joining us, due to a last minute injury.  Hopefully, he will heal quickly and well and be able to make the trip across the pond in the future.  The team will send him their best wishes and good energy from up high.

More tomorrow, from the team meeting and gear check…

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