One step closer to base camp

April 12th-

We hiked up to Gorak Shep today, the site of the last lodges before reaching base camp. It isn’t really a village, but more a small collection of six or eight lodges built for trekkers. We are only a couple of hours hike from BC now, so we’re anxious to get there tomorrow.

Scott and the rest of the crew will be up here tomorrow and will meet us in base camp the following day.

The last few days of trekking have been beautiful as we climb higher into the Himalaya. It gets cold when the sun goes down, and we even had some ice on water bottles in our rooms last night. The mornings have been clear and perfect, with the typical afternoon clouds. Once we’re out moving on the trail it is great, but the chill can make it hard to get out of bed in the morning…

Bill Allen
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