On the Glacier!

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The team has flown onto the Kahiltna glacier and is heading down the valley! We have heard that the weather is “splitter” blue skies, which should give them a solid few days to move out of base camp to camp one. The National Park Service is in the process of setting up their base camp operations, and will be flying in loads with big helicopters. They’ve asked that we stay out of their way, so we’re happy to oblige.

These photos are from the last couple of days in Anchorage before they flew into the wild.

This photo is from April 17th, at the Bear’s Tooth brewery in Anchorage. On the left, starting with plaid shirt guy, is guides Ben Adkison and Zach Johnson.  Jacob Schmitz, our lead guide, is seated at the head of the table (the one holding the bill).

Going through the endless piles of gear.

Waiting to fly with our partners, Talkeetna Air Taxi.

Waiting to fly in with our partners, Talkeetna Air Taxi. Flying into the Alaska Range is a mindblowing experience. You go from the flat, lush landscape of Talkeetna, snaked with rivers and dense forests, to jagged white peaks strewn with active glaciers.

Go Team!
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