Off to Talkeetna!

The guides met Duncan yesterday for a gear check in Anchorage, and they are off for Talkeetna this morning.  They’ll check in with the National Park Service and then head over to the airstrip in hopes of flying to the glacier today.   The weather continues to be uncooperative with clouds and rain down in Talkeetna, so flights to base camp have been on hold for a day or two now.   They may end up spending the first night of their expedition in Talkeetna, but they remain optimistic and the forecast shows improving weather tomorrow.

Here’s the team:

Duncan Stuart

Caitlin Hague (guide)

Dan Starr (guide)

Check out the links to the right for weather forecasts, a webcam from Talkeetna, and you can follow their progress with the Spot GPS tracking link!

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