October 23rd Kilimanjaro Team Meets in Tanzania

The October 23rd Kilimanjaro Team met in Tanzania and are making final preparations for their trek! The team is staying at the Ndarakwai Lodge on a private game preserve on the plains below Kilimanjaro. It’s a great introduction to Africa and a nice way to start the trip. Today they’ll meet the local guide team, check their gear one last time, and then go for a “game hike” around the grounds of the preserve.

Tomorrow morning they’ll head into Kilimanjaro National Park and begin their trek. They are going to start up the Lemosho Route and then they’ll summit via the Western Breach from the Arrow Glacier High Camp. This is our favorite route on Kilimanjaro, far less traveled, and a bit more challenging terrain on the way up through the Western Breach.

Here’s our guide, Marcus, checking in this evening:

Hello everyone, this is Marcus with the Oct 23rd Kilimanjaro expedition. Fueled and recharged, we are prepared to set off to climb Kilimanjaro tomorrow via the Lemosho Western Breach Route. We spent the last couple of days at the Ndarakwai Lodge getting to know each other, eating, sleeping, and walking with giraffes. We hope you join along with our team as we conquer ourselves and explore this beautiful wilderness. Cheers!

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