Nov 28 Aconcagua – Sleeping at Plaza de Mulas

The team dropped down from high camp to the bustling, city-like atmosphere of Plaza de Mulas today.  They had a pretty easy time of it, although descending almost 6,000′ is rough on the knees by any account.  They ate like kings in a comfortable dining tent and are nestled in their sleeping bags for the evening.

Tomorrow, they will make the long hike out to the trailhead at the mouth of the Horcones Valley.  This will essentially complete their round trip up the east side of Aconcagua, up to the top and down the western side of the peak.  The Horcones Valley has a very different feel to it than does the Vacas Valley, which they hiked up to access the mountain. It is a broader valley, with different geology, which Chris loves to point out, as he is a geologist by training.  The hike should take roughly 5-6 hours, and although it is long… it’s all down hill!

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