Nov 28 Aconcagua Photos

Chris sent us the following photos from Mendoza yesterday.  He, Lawrence, David and Fermin are all back in town and enjoying themselves after a long hike out from Plaza de Mulas.  The expression, “horses for the barn” is really fitting on the hike through the Horcones Valley.  Though the valley is spectacular, and more than worthy of savoring, by the time you have climbed up one side of the mountain and down the other, it is common to just want to get to the trailhead!

Team at Horcones

The team at the end of their hike out, looking up the Horcones Valley, with the massive south face of Aconcagua visible at top left. (from left to right) Fermin Avila, Lawrence Cutler, David Bailey, Chris Kerrick


Aconcagua summit day

Headed up on summit day with the shadow of the mountain stretching off to the Pacific.

The team climbed the first hour or so of summit morning by the light of their headlamps.

David and Fermin, relaxing at high camp.

Lawrence at High Camp

Looking up towards Camp 1. The trail follows the valley bottom before trending up and right. Camp is basically at the top of the hill in the rough center of the image.


Preparing to eat well on the hike in to Base Camp. The "asado" is a traditional meal in Argentina. Mmmmm!

Greg and David at an asado on the hike in. Greg left the team from Base Camp, with some altitude symptoms.

Lawrence and Greg at an asado in "Pampas de Lenas," the site of the first camp on the hike into Base Camp.


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