Nov 28 Aconcagua – At the Base of the Canaleta

The following two messages just came through from lead guide Chris Kerrick.  Chris, Lawrence, David and Fermin are all at the base of the long, rocky gully known as the Canaleta, which leads right up to the summit, roughly 800′ above them.  It sounds like they are doing really, really well, judging from Chris’s comments about how the team has bonded in the past days (and judging from Lawrence’s good-humored heckling in the background!).

They should be on top in the next hour or two!

Here is the first part of the message:

Nov28 Aconcagua Canaleta pt1

And here is the rest of the message (satellite connections are frequently interrupted in the mountains):

Nov 28 Aconcagua from the Canaleta pt 2

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