May 31 Team – Moved to High Camp!

Terry Kelleher called in after “one of the best days we’ve ever seen on Denali!”

The team moved great and climbed up out of the 14,200′ camp, ascending moderate snow slopes to the base of a steep slope known as The Headwall.  This 200m section of route is affixed with ropes for it’s height, which provide an additional degree of security in the event of a slip.  The climbers clipped onto the fixed ropes with mechanical ascenders, sometimes called “jumars.”  These will slide up, but will clamp down when weighted.

Above The Headwall, the team climbed up a stunning and very fun ridge for another 1000′, weaving in and out of rocky sections and traversing the crest of knife edged snow.  The exposure and views along this portion of the route are absolutely terrific!

The team moved very well and arrived in camp in good condition and with plenty of reserves.  The weather looks favoraboe for the coming days, and we’ll keep you all posted as to when they decide to take a stab at the summit.

Here’s Terry!


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  1. Hello Fubar! Great waking up to news that you are now on 17! Hope you enjoy good views, good rest, good food and more good companionship today before your summit! I may have to stay up all night by the computer to wait for the news that you reached your goal! Still cheering for you here. GO FUBAR!!

  2. Fantastic news! Hoping for continued good weather and I’m sure this achievement has put you all in good spirits. Get some well deserved rest. Jonathan, we’re cheering for you here at SEI 🙂

  3. Fantastic news!! Good luck with reaching the summit. We will pop the champagne soon!! Get lots of rest and stay safe.
    Dad & Cindy

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