June 15 Team Stuart is on the glacier


All Aboard!!

Lead guide Jacob Schmitz called in from Denali Base Camp, located at 7,200′ on the Southeast Fork of the Kahiltna Glacier.  He, Duncan and Danny flew into the Range amidst clear skies, with tremendous views of the peaks of the Alaska Range.

They are poised to launch early in the morning, so as to avoid the anticipated heat of the day tomorrow.  The route will take them down the Southeast Fork to the point where it joins the massive Kahiltna Glacier.  Turning right (north), they will make their way up the Kahiltna for several miles until they reach a suitable camp site in an area where the Kahiltna compresses after descending down a long hill.  Such sites are desirable, as they tend to have fewer hidden crevasses.

You can also follow the teams daily progress via the link at the right.

Here’s Jacob!


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