The team woke to very cold temperatures and windy weather, and they decided to take a rest day at 14 Camp. Rest days are important for team members to remain rested, hydrated and ready for the challenges of the upper mountain. It sounds like the team is eating well and enjoying the social atmosphere of 14 Camp, and Albert reports dinner guests(!) bearing chocolate treats. He sends a big hello to friends and family.

14 Camp with wind clouds. Note the snow walls constructed around the tents to fortify camp.

14 Camp with wind clouds. Note the snow walls constructed around the tents to fortify camp.

Denali image

Wind clouds above Foraker from 14,200′ Camp.

West Buttress route

Looking up from 14,200′ towards the ridge leading to High Camp

Here’s Albert:


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  1. Good morning, Team Fubar! Thanks for the cheery update, Albert. Sounds like you are all doing quite well, especially when it comes to the cooking! Looking forward to hearing your next blast from 17! This is your week!

  2. Hey Team Fubar Delighted to hear you are all in such high spirits. Food sounds great tis far from Quesedillas you lot were raised!!! Photos are very cool. Fingers crossed for the next leg up to 17 and we are all routing for you. Take care, and enjoy

    Jackie x

  3. Get plenty of rest and enjoy the chocolates!! We look forward to your update tomorrow and we agree with Jackie that your photos are stunning!! Jay & Cindy

  4. Hi Terry hope you are having a great trip, it’s Darragh here. I like the photos of the big tents. i liked your message. Aoibheann says I hope you come back soon amd I hope you have a lovely trip and I love you

    Lots of love Darragh and Aoibheann Dolan

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