The team is making good progress, and they are settled in at 11,200′ Camp today. It sounds like everyone is doing well and feeling strong as the team moves up the glacier. Tomorrow they plan to move a load of equipment and supplies to a cache site at 13,500′. Immediately outside of camp, the team will begin climbing a series of hills—Motorcycle Hill and Squirrel Hill— then traverse the Polo Fields. The Polo Fields have a gradual incline, leading to a feature aptly named Windy Corner. The wind can really howl on this part of the mountain! The cache site is just beyond Windy Corner, and approximately 500′ below the team’s next camp in the beautiful Genet Basin.


A Mountain Trip camp, looking south across the bottom of the basin at 11,200′.

Mountain Trip climbers cresting the top of Motorcycle Hill. 11,200' Camp is in the background.

Mountain Trip climbers cresting the top of Motorcycle Hill. 11,200′ Camp is in the background.

Lloyd Hales called in the team report today, and he sends out many good wishes to his friends and family. Here’s Lloyd:


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