June 10 Williams Team – Mov’in on up!

Jim Williams called in on behalf of the June 10th team.  They moved their camp from the traditional Camp 1 to a camp at about 9,600′.

Jim reports that it was extremely windy while they made their move during the middle of the night.  They are traveling on a night schedule so as to avoid traveling up glacier during the heat of the day, and believe it or not – it’s been pretty HOT during the day!

Tonight, the team will pack up once again and head uphill into a basin, where they plan to establish their next camp at about 11,200′.  This is a beautiful spot, with towering ice cliffs to the south, steep snow to the east, black, craggy rocks to the north and a wide open vista, gazing our across the tundra to the west.

Here’s Jim!


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