May 31 Team settling into Camp 3

Team FUBAR sounds to be having a great time still, and they spent the day picking up the cache they’d left down by windy corner several days earlier.  They are all settled in now and will spend a few nights at this new camp to acclimatize before pushing up higher on the mountain.   They hope to take some food and fuel and cache it on the ridge above camp at over 16,000 ft tomorrow.

Here’s Eugene checking in from 14,200 ft.


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  1. Good morning, Team Fubar! Is there anyone up there having as great a time as you guys? Not likely! Glad you are making progress! Cheers, guys!

  2. Go Team Fubar!! Excellent work getting to 14,000 ft! So proud! Sounds like you’re having great craic up there and are keeping spirits up! There’ll be some session when you get down from there! Everyone sending their love from home and wishing you the best of luck! Go get em’ Lots of love, Kates and Tina xx

  3. Go Team Fubar!! Thank you for the daily updates and allowing us to share a small part of this great journey with you. Jon Cain, we expect to see some great pictures!! Love, Dad & Cindy

  4. Hi Team Fubar – The sun is shinin in Dublin too! ‘Cant last tho! News from the Dubblin front… Clearys have gone bust, so no more meeting Jackie under Cleary’s clock, ok Terry?? Keep goin’! 14K to date, sure yer just a hop, skip and a jump from the Summit! GO TEAM FUBAR 🙂

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