May 6 Team – at Camp 1

Nick called in with an audio post, but I suspect that the satellites passed out of view before he could finish his call…  It’s way to early in the trip for high altitude babbling…

I was able to speak with him over three attempts on the satellite phone and they spent the day at camp at 7,800′.  They had about two feet of snow fall on them overnight and more fall today.  Nick described the view as similar to that inside a ping pong ball – white.  They considered punching up a bit farther on the mountain, but ultimately decided that there was no reason to move up if they couldn’t see anything, so they spent the day in camp.  The word from higher on the mountain is more of the same, so they made a good call.

They plan to move to 11,200′ tomorrow, but will wait to see if the weather allows them to do so.

Here’s Nick:


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