May 30 Team is Moving Up toward High Camp!

Peter Lewis called in a morning report from the May 30th team.  They are about to pack up and head up toward High Camp at 17,200′!  The team has spent a couple of bonus days at 14,200′, waiting for the weather to improve and the winds to abate sufficiently to allow them to head upwards.  This morning, their patience paid off!

The route will climb up about 1,400′ of moderate snow slopes until it reaches a steep section known as the Headwall or the Fixed Lines.  The latter name comes form the fact that this 200m stretch is protected with ropes that are affixed into the icy surface at semi-regular intervals.  The climbers clip themselves into those fixed ropes with mechanical ascenders, which will slide upwards, but clamp down on the ropes in the event of a slip, providing additional security to each climber.

According to the team’s Spot GPS tracker, they are on the ridge above the fixed lines at 14:00 Alaska time.

The weather looks good and they are moving upwards – best of luck to all the climbers!!!

Here’s Peter:


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  1. Hi Peter,
    Really glad to hear that the weather is finally cooperating with you all! We are very excited for you as you make your way up to High Camp and wish you and everyone in the team good luck for a successful summit. What ever the final outcome, your resilience and positivity waiting through the recent bad weather (which I could hear in your latest message) is something to be proud of.
    Lots of love,
    Mary xx

  2. Hi Peter,
    Glad to hear the weather’s improved. If it’s any consolation the weather here is decidedly chilly – no issues with keeping the Prosecco cool! All the very best to you and your team for your final ascent – an amazing achievement! Will look forward to seeing the photos on your return.
    Love and best wishes
    Lynn & Ashley

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